Is it ethically right to deny a woman rights to her body

If you are pro-choice on abortion or think that gender reassignment surgery is an option everyone should have, you agree with transhumanism on at least one issue. The clergy and most other euthanasia opponents rely on Christian ethical values. Leaving a person, such as Angelique Flowers, to suffer when palliative care has not provided adequate respite from pain and suffering, is simply unacceptable.

Both cases relied on the born alive ruleinherited from English common law, to determine that the fetus was not a person at law.

Do we wish to live in a society founded on mutual respect and responsibility, or one ruled by the tyranny of unbridled autonomy and self-centered irresponsibility.

And for those out there who find themselves pro-choice on some issues e. Accordingly, democratic societies can make laws to prohibit murder and robbery, but should not make laws to prohibit sex before marriage, religion, or voluntary euthanasia.

And it seems to be applied selectively. Resources and counseling should be made available to patients who experience an adverse outcome after refusing recommended treatment. What then of obstetric anesthesia which may have risks to the fetus. Jainism can be considered as a religion that supports euthanasia, and if so, practice of this religion is prohibited by an unconstitutional law.

The ethical question seems to relate to whether the embryo and fetus which presently cannot develop into a baby without being an integral part of the anatomy and physiology of a woman should be considered part of the woman herself.

Abortion: Women's Rights...and Wrongs

The Supreme Court voted unanimously to sustain the Washington law, though five of the nine justices filed concurring opinions in Quill and Glucksberg. Wade struck down state laws banning abortion in These simple concepts have a huge impact on not only current laws around issues like abortion, sex assignment surgery in infants, and assisted suicide, but possible future ones surrounding technologies like genetic enhancement, anti-aging medicine, cognitive enhancing drugs, designer babies, voluntary prosthetic augmentation, and cybernetics.

The right of any adult to the control of his or her own body must be considered the most basic of all human rights. Argument from uncertainty[ edit ] Some pro-life supporters argue that if there is uncertainty as to whether the fetus has a right to life, then having an abortion is equivalent to consciously taking the risk of killing another.

There is no consistent message in state or federal courts regarding the liability of a mother for the death of a child in utero from failing to consent to medical treatment. The law requires some confidential information to be reported to authorities. Advances in palliative care are always welcome.

The discussion should include the treatment option that the patient prefers, as well as the benefits, risks, and consequences of no treatment or alternative treatments. Voluntary euthanasia would reduce suffering and loss of dignity for terminally ill patients.

Risk and the pregnant body. Voluntary euthanasia is the humane, moral and civilised outcome for Australia and consistent with providing dignity for terminally ill patients who want it. In a humane society the prevention of suffering and the dignity of the individual should be uppermost in the minds of those caring for the terminally ill.

All of this activity is happening and is unrefuted, and no serious efforts are being made to stop any of this activity.

As such, it is never acceptable for obstetrician—gynecologists to attempt to influence patients toward a clinical decision using coercion. The right to life does not demand that it must be exercised. The baby was medicated but given no nourishment. One must question, as a serious matter of public policy, why public money should be spent on keeping terminally ill patients alive who do not want to live, in preference to patients who do.

Territory citizens are considered sufficiently responsible to make their own wills, to marry, to ask for removal of life support, and arrange financial transactions, without interference from an authoritarian state.

I differentiate morals and ethics in the following way. It is foolish to claim that incorrect diagnoses and prognoses could never occur. Use of presumptive consent is limited to emergency clinical situations in which the patient is completely decisionally incapable and no surrogate decision maker is reasonably available.

For example, if unforeseen serious or life-threatening circumstances develop during surgery for which consent has been given, consent is inferred to allow doctors to take immediate further action to prevent serious injury or death.

The fact that the adverse outcome was not a certainty should be reinforced. Countries with strict laws[ edit ] Ireland used to only allow abortions if the pregnancy is a risk to the woman's life. Voluntariness is a background condition of informed consent. The Euthanasia Laws Act, in prohibiting the territory governments from enacting voluntary euthanasia legislation, limits the ability of territories to govern themselves.

Competency issues may arise with mentally ill individuals or those who have diminished mental capacity due to retardation or other problems. These views can often be in direct opposition to each other.

The request can be made in an advance directive such as a Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care or in a "living will". Ina state court first recognized that a minor could make such a grave decision. Here it is: A woman has a basic moral right over her own body.

All sexual or medical decisions pertaining to her body are hers to make. This is the league-leader when it. Ironically, the young woman won her right to refuse treatment but was alive and healthy when the case was finally decided.

She had been transfused before the slow judicial process needed to decide such a difficult question led to a ruling in her favor. Ethics - what a set of societal rules, standards, professional body, church, etc says the right way to behave for members of said society, profession, church, etc.

Or the guidelines you follow to be able to say you adhere to a certain code.

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Morals - what you personally believe to be right. Example.

Women's Health Care Physicians

The first right must be to keep one’s body safe, private, and healthy; without that, all other rights are meaningless. It is because I still believe so strongly in the right of a woman to protect her body that I now oppose abortion. But her "right to abortion" is in issue.

Therefore, to say that abortion is legitimate because a woman has a right to control her own reproduction merely begs the question: it merely says "a woman has a right to abortion because a woman has a right to abortion". This is not an argument, merely a fiat statement.

And mere fiat is not enough. The court went on to hold that a pregnant woman who is unable to give an informed consent, like other patients, has the right to have her decision ascertained through the procedure known as substituted judgment and then carried out.

17 In reaching its decision, the Court of Appeals expressly rejected the rationale that women may be compelled to.

Is it ethically right to deny a woman rights to her body
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