Employee assistance program

Your agency must refer all employees found to use illegal drugs to the EAP for assessment, counseling, and referral for appropriate 'treatment or rehabilitation. Top of page Early Childhood Children ages 5—11 may have some of the same reactions that younger children have.

The issues for which EAPs provide support vary, but examples include: They did this by distributing information, giving conferences and seminars, increasing the knowledge of professionals and the community. Expansive Provider Network We have more than 7, counseling providers in our global provider network, ensuring quality assistance and services wherever you are in the world.

An example of primary prevention is a stress audit, usually in the form of a self-report questionnaire, administered to employees on a site,departmental, or organization-wide basis.

Laws and policies that affect EAP Confidentiality. The agency should make every effort to provide advance notice to the employee who disclosed information about the fact that the information will be disclosed, with whom it will be disclosed, and why.

Levels of intervention for the prevention and management of stressors are listed below. Public Law 5 U. These programs are staffed by certified counselors who are available to discuss problems in a confidential, helpful manner. The agency should make every effort to provide advance notice to the employee who disclosed information about the fact that the information will be disclosed, with whom it will be disclosed, and why.

Sometimes people can effectively deal with these kinds of problems on their own. Agency Responsibilities The U. Answer questions at a level the children can understand.

An employer that provides an effective, full-service EAP can help both themselves and employees by lowering risk and liability, improving employee satisfaction, and especially decreasing the stress small business owners experience when managing numerous responsibilities with little support.

Public Law 5 U. When Talking isn't Enough Traumatic events, such as natural disasters, shootings, bombings, or other violent acts, can leave children feeling frightened, confused, and insecure.

Teachers also can help children with art and play activities, as well as by encouraging group discussions in the classroom and informational presentations about the traumatic event. Laws and policies that affect EAP Confidentiality.

Developed as a guide, rather than a requirement, for Federal EAP Administrators and other stakeholders, the information provided is based on participants' knowledge of best practices in the EAP field, as well as their own experience and understanding of EAP in Federal workplaces, and is intended to address the ways in which these programs can best meet mental and behavioral health needs of the Federal workforce.

The Office of Personnel Management is charged through these legislative initiatives to provide overall guidance to Federal agencies, creating baseline expectations for agency programs and helping agencies implement those programs as effectively as possible.

MoDOT / MSHP Employee Benefits

Other symptoms to watch for are disobedience, hyperactivity, speech difficulties, and aggressive or withdrawn behavior. Preschool Age Children ages 1—5 find it particularly hard to adjust to change and loss. To the extent permitted by law, except when maintaining confidentiality could compromise the security of the workplace or compromise an ongoing criminal investigation, it is important to maintain the confidentiality of an employee who discloses information.

What you talk about can't be released to anyone without your written authorization. If an appointment with a medical professional or counselor is necessary, the employee can arrange to see one in just a few days. Counseling programs for Federal civilian employees who have substance abuse problems are required by: A variety of educational and development initiatives may prove useful to employees, managers, and the larger organization in recognizing the symptoms of individual, team, or organizational stress, and to broaden or develop coping capacity and resilience.

Temporarily reduce your expectations about performance in school or at home, perhaps by substituting less demanding responsibilities for normal chores. Executive Order requires your agency to establish a drug-free Federal workplace program, including an EAP as an essential element in achieving a drug-free workforce.

Feeling that there is something you can do may be very comforting to both children and adults. The EAP is designed to assist people who are facing such complex issues as marital crisis, drug or alcohol dependency, single parenting, stress, financial uncertainty, or emotional distress.

EAPs have also been affected by technology, terrorism attacks, natural disasters, disabilities act, and workplace violence.

Benefits[ edit ] Some studies indicate that offering EAPs may result in various benefits for employers, including lower medical costs, reduced turnover and absenteeism, and higher employee productivity.

Allow children to discuss other fears and concerns about unrelated issues. Employee Assistance Program The mission of Employee/Student Support Services is to provide support to employees, students, and their families in participating districts and agencies in an effort to maximize overall wellness and each individual’s learning potential.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Provide the anytime, anywhere support your employees need to help them address the challenges they face at work and at home.

Innovative resources and tools help your organization reduce absences, improve productivity, and increase employee engagement for a higher performing workforce.

Mass4You – Your employee assistance program

The employee assistance program has been an asset to our management personnel in dealing with sensitive employee issues that impact work performance.

It also has been a vital resource to our employees when they needed a place to turn for assistance with a wide range of personal difficulties.”. Comprehensive EAP Benefits. The EAP provides professional services to help employees address a variety of personal, family, life and work-related issues.

From everyday stress to relationship issues at work or home, the EAP provides support for overall health, well-being and life management. Partnering with Employees to find better solutions to life’s stressors Employee Services. Everyone has problems at one time or another. Problems, like people, come in all sizes, types, intensities, and can come at any time.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) State employees, dependents and household members can receive free confidential assistance with personal and job-related problems through the Employee Assistance Program (EAP).Trained specialists provide professional assistance and referrals to local experts to help you navigate through life's little and big challenges.

Employee assistance program
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